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Theme Preview Bug?

  1. Just noticed this today, the Theme Preview in the Dashboard is returning a completely blank "preview". I've tried about 6 different theme previews but nothing loads. The only thing visible is the top bar with the link to activate the theme or close without activating. Not been a problem for me up to now.


  2. Yeah, I see it too. Temporary digital gremlins perhaps?

  3. Thanks for letting me know that you see it too, Richard. I'll leave this as unresolved for the meantime.

  4. You're welcome. Perhaps staff is doing something in the shadows.

  5. You were right. The Theme Previewer wasn't working yesterday because it got an overhaul. Rather than all the thumbnails being listed on one long page, they've been divided over 5 pages. (Hope this is in anticipation of new themes being added.) :)

    One more suggestion for usability, if we're already talking, if we could just get the basic details per theme right there on that page, there'd be a whole lot less clicking going on:
    Customizable Header (Y,N)
    Supports Widgets (Y,N)
    Width of main column (xxpx)
    Maximum image width (XXpx)


    What else?

  6. it's now working fine again

  7. Indeed!

  8. please mark the form as solved.


  9. Already done. :)

  10. the preview function still doesn't work :(

  11. It's working on my blogs.

  12. I tried just a bit ago and it never displayed for me. Just stuck with the transparent black screen, but I tried just now and it was working. Who knows what it took to get the editor issue under control. It may take a bit for things to settle down.

  13. Now the preview is out of order again. Fx. you can't see the new Sandbox. As I just said in an other thread: I'll go to bed now! :-D)))

  14. There are several little weird things (preview, avatars in forum, editor still a little funky, send to editor not working well) I've noticed and I think staff is still working on things in the shadows.

    Get a good nights sleep universal.

  15. The link to preview a theme has completely disappeared, but by golly, We've Got Tags! LOL

    Hope it's just more tinkering under the hood.

  16. i tried switching my test blog to the new sandbox earlier today, and the screen just sat there with the little progress bar going forever. I finally just closed the tab. When i opened my test blog later, the new sandbox was selected and in use.

  17. Still no preview button on the horizon. '-(

  18. Yep, preview seems to come and go as does the activate link.

  19. The preview didnt work for me yet on IE. So I installed Opera. Here I get an error while trying to preview the theme as well.

    "Error: malformed query"

  20. the error in IE is :

    "The page cannot be displayed"

  21. Just tried it in FF and IE 7. Got a preview in both by clicking on the thumbnail of the theme.

  22. Oh heck! If they're going to change functionality, it'd be nice if they let us know! LOL

    Thanks for the heads up, Myron :)

  23. ralphthemagician

    I'm getting the "Error: malformed query" with Camino 1.5, Safari 3.0.3, Opera 9.24 and Firefox Same error, all three browsers. (Mac OS X 10.4.10)

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