Theme preview is different from end result

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    This is happening again. See my previous post.

    The blog I need help with is



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    I looked back at your previous post and checked your CSS preview, and I didn’t see the problem you described there. Would it be possible for you to provide a new screenshot of the issue?

    Also, do you have the same problem if you go to the Customize tool (under Appearance > Customize on your dashboard) and preview the CSS changes there?


    The preview is correct when you initially load Customize –

    Here is what it looks like when I place my cursor anywhere in the Custom CSS box –

    I have the same problem regardless of how I access the Customize tool.



    Thank you for providing the updated screenshots — I was able to reproduce the problem this time around, and I am checking with our developers to see if we can get this fixed for you.


    Rad. Thanks!


    I’m following up on this. Just wanted to post a quick note to say I was able to reproduce the problem by adding the following SCSS example to a test blog running the Twenty Thirteen theme:

    $primary-color: #f00;
    a {
      color: $primary-color !important;

    The change will save and work on the front end, but the live preview doesn’t reflect the SCSS when it is first entered.

    I will see what else I can find out about the issue and reply back here as soon as I know more.


    @wanderingmatt, the bug you reported where SCSS code was not being interpreted correctly inside live preview mode has been fixed and you should be able to set it working now at

    Thanks for reporting this issue!


    Sorry to say that I am still experiencing this issue.


    My apologies. I did check the bug itself on my own blog, and it was fixed, but I didn’t check your blog. I will take another look.


    All righty, there was one more tiny bug that was causing trouble for your SCSS that I didn’t see in my test before. Both issues should be fixed now. @wanderingmatt, can you try SCSS previews on your blog again?


    Appears to be working again. Thanks!


    Brilliant! Thanks for your patience and for posting back again to let us know about the additional issue. :)

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