Theme previews have quit working.

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    I currently have a great theme but there is always room for improvement. I like to investigate the latest themes and see what works for me and what doesn’t. Since yesterday I’ve had trouble with the Preview, at first I thought it was just certain ones but now I see it’s all of them, the little striped thingy acts like it’s going to bring in the preview but then it disappears and the screen just sits there, all gray, nothing happens. What’s up with that? Never had that problem before!

    The blog I need help with is


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    Just in case, try to clear your cache and cookies:


    Thanks, I will see if that works. Seems I’m not the only one experiencing this (and yes I do have a very slow connection here)-


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    I hope that works for you then.



    FWIW-Logging out of, clearing Chrome’s cache and cookies, closing the browser and then reopening it solved the problem for me.


    FWIW, doing something similar to my FF worked for me too. – Yaay!

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