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    Recently,I tried to switch my theme to other theme,but I tried most of the theme,and what happened is some of my contents are not showing properly.I tried to clear my cache and cookies,defrag and everything but still shows the same.Please help

    The blog I need help with is



    Define “not showing properly.” The blog looks fine to me.



    The current theme is the only theme that showing all the images properly,when I switch to OTHER THEME it doesn’t shows contents properly.
    this is the current theme which shows good:
    and this is how it looks like when I switch to other theme:
    not only one but lots of theme I’ve already tried but it just same.So I really need advice.



    Can you provide a link to the post on the blog where that is? Looks like a table built in HTML. If that’s the case, you cannot switch to a theme which has a narrower content column without screwing it up.



    Yes.This is the link of the current theme I am using:
    And this is hos it looks like when I change the theme:
    This is what I do not understand.I did use HTML coding to create the table,but why the main image is also not showing properly??I just started this blog,so I really need advice what I really need to do??



    I just changed the blog into a new theme,and this is how it looks like of one of my post:



    Different themes have different widths (as raincoaster already pointed out) and different default styling for tables: you can’t switch to a different theme and expect the exact same appearance. Depending on the theme, you may need to add extra coding.

    Remarks on the table code:

    1) Sometimes you enter a space between the opening td tag and the content, sometimes you don’t. Don’t.

    2) border=”1″ is deprecated and doesn’t work: remove it.

    3) You’ve specified a 60px width for each cell. This doesn’t work, because the total column width in Bouqet is 716px and the default width for tables is 100% of the column width.

    4) If you want to specify the cell widths, you don’t write the same command 30 times: you just specify the column widths. If you want five columns of equal width, you write this between the opening table tag and the opening tbody tag:
    <col width="20%" /><col width="20%" /><col width="20%" /><col width="20%" /><col width="20%" />

    5) You have erroneously made the thumbnails link to attachment pages. You need to remove the links from around the image codes; that is, remove these:
    <a href="ETC ETC">
    and these:

    6) You have included unnecessary stuff in the image codes but omitted a crucial one: width. This is what you need for each image:
    <img style="width:105px;" alt="DESCRIPTIVE TEXT HERE" src="IMAGE URL HERE" />

    7) Turn the opening td tag of each image cell to this:
    <td style="vertical-align:middle;">

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