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    I am a newbie here. I was impressed by the wide column theme that is used by the official WordPress blog ( and was wondering what theme it is based on and if we could use the same. much appreciate your commitment for making us bloggers bring more content to life. Loving wordpress! And thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    There’s a shortcode for posting source code which you might find useful. Otherwise you might have to look into using the HTML entity instead.



    Oops, wrong answer. Too many windows open at once, I apologise. The wordpress blog theme isn’t available to regular users I’m afraid. I might look in to creating something similar with CSS but don’t hold your breath for it!



    Hi There the theme for the Official WP blog is a in house custom design and they have stated in the past that the theme is not for use on any other blogs this way it keeps the theme unique and personally tailored to their brand…


    Thanks silkbonez and halluke. That makes sense. However, the heart desires that most which it cannot have, right? Its human nature, so I guess I ain’t the first, nor the last one to have asked for it!

    Which theme in the repository do you think is the best suited for a text based blog?

    Thanks for all the help!

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