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Theme Recommendations

  1. Here's a thread to collect all the theme recommendations that are floating around the forums.

    If you have a suggestion for an existing WordPress theme that you'd like to see available on, please post a link and brief description here.

    To keep it manageable, here are a few ground rules for this thread:

    1. No discussion, just pointers to specific themes please. You can discuss the themes elsewhere.

    2. Please include a link to the theme home page or download page. No requests for hypothetical or unreleased themes, or changes to existing themes.

    3. One theme per reply.

    4. We can only consider themes that are clearly licensed under the GPL.

    If you're not sure where to find GPL'd WordPress themes, is a great start.

    Please note that we can't accept all themes for various technical and quality reasons, but we will look at all the suggestions posted here.

  2. FRESHY 2.0

    Form me, it's a must-have theme. It's a whole lot fresher than v1.0, which I like much.

    It's from the author of the original FRESHY.

    It's a "preview release" now, but it looks really good. Here's a 'shot:

    Perhaps you could help De Luca fix the bugs and make many blogs look really cool... um, fresh!

    It comes with a customizing plug in that seems to allow some sort of customization.

  3. Sunset Forest

    [This does not state it is GPL so cannot be considered. Additionally it requires a link be maintained in the footer - Mark]

  4. Not all themes on are GPL, and the site hasn't been updated for some months now so you won't find any new themes there. Plus, most of the stuff there will already have been sifted and rejected by now. Some other sites to try:

    Or you could always ask Google.

    I don't know of any directories which only host GPL themes, so there are no short cuts: if a licence isn't specified on the download page, you will have to look in the zip. If no licence is specified there, no dice. If you really love the theme you will have to contact the author direct and ask them to release the theme as GPL. Automattic are not going to do any of this for you. If you can't find a link to a page confirming the theme is GPL, copy/paste the readme or email. Good luck, by the way. Most of the half-decent stuff seems to be CC nowadays.

    The Sandbox style contest entries are all GPL, of course, but there's no point in requesting any of them either. They're not going to install one of those for free when you can get it by buying the CSS upgrade.

    (I have no themes to suggest. The point at which licencing became more important than merit was the point at which I gave up.)

  5. Seeing as how you've seen fit to remove our editing powers, can somebody please fix up those links for me? Thanks.

  6. Done :)

  7. Ah....I fixed it as well seconds after you..... ;)


  8. Thinking back on the first girly thheme thread I recalled that sakura3 had a following so I'd like to suggest it

    [I can't see a statement in the CSS file that it is GPL - so it cannot be considered - Mark]

  9. SIGH ... IRL I do not stutter :(

  10. Yes, it says on their website that Sakura3 is CC-NC. (I should have mentioned in my previous post; if there's a link to the designer's site, head there. It's nearly always the place with the most up-to-date version and info.)

  11. Thanks

  12. pity, sakura looks lovely, timethief. =) but if you could get one of the css gurus to port it (if it's legal to and all that) then it's possible to use it here.

  13. @sulz
    Hi there,
    It's no biggie. I just noticed it had a following in the "girly thread" so I asked for it, without checking to see if it was GPL or not

  14. I'd like to recommend The Greenhouse ( by Sadish who also produced MistyLook.

  15. TypoXP 2.0 (or TypoXP Kirk Walsh)

    GPL statement is on stylesheet.

  16. Unfortunately The Greenhouse is based on a design by Free CSS Templates, whose stuff is CC-Attribution.

    I told you this was going to be difficult.

  17. Would it be possible to add Black Minimalism 2.0?

    It's a GPL'd k2 mod...

  18. @wank

    I see your point about the Sandbox competition entries but I wonder if that's fair. I'm no expert, but if you have the CSS upgrade, isn't it possible to recreate pretty much any theme (given more skill and expertise than I have)? Plus the CSS people (of whom I am one) really want something properly personal, don't they? Not just someone else's CSS skills?

    I thought some of those entries were fabulous and it would be fantastic to have them widely available. I especially like Takimata - which is genuinely creative with the appearance of the blog page. And there are some good 'girly' themes there too - like Picnic and Chocolate Vanilla.

    You can see them all here: Sorry - I can't find permalinks to individuals themes.

  19. I see your point about the Sandbox competition entries but I wonder if that's fair.

    To be completely honest, I don't think Automattic liked any of the entries enough to install them here. They got as far as putting Blueberry in their SVN repository for testing, but that's the only one. It sort of falls into the same category as everything there has already been looked at and rejected.

  20. That's a shame. Takimata would be a great addition, imo. And Timethief and the others are quite right about the dearth of 'girly' themes. That's basically why I got CSS - I like a nice pink blog.

  21. Blueberry has some bugs that we've fixed, and some more that still need fixing. We plan to launch it once those are dealt with. The others haven't been rejected, we haven't got to them yet.

  22. @tellyworth
    Is there some sort of a filter here that we can use to have only the GPL themes displayed?

  23. You can search on 'GPL' to turn up the eight themes which have 'GPL' in the theme description, but that's as far as it goes.

  24. @wank
    OMG I actually found one that I like when I did that.

    Please consider this theme for adaptation and addition to the themes available to bloggers

  25. I agree, I like that one too!

  26. Yay! Two of us like it. :-)

  27. Here's a link to better test site to view it on (the designer's)

  28. Add a third for dkret2, it's a very clean theme with great colors. I particularly like all the little graphic touches such those in the post metadata and the bullets. The quote marks in the blockquote need work though.

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