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    Hello all,

    My blog is and I am using the the standard theme “Redoable Lite” included with accounts. However, it would seem that the theme is having some issues being viewed correctly. I’m not sure if it’s a browser issue or perhaps an issue with the standard universal CSS.

    When viewing a specific blog post, the margins and widths become severely messed up and cause my blog to look incredibly unprofessional and very ugly.


    I am using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on Mac OS X 10.5.6. I have no paid upgrades as of yet and am relatively new to

    Any suggestions for the resolution of this problem would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not sure what you’re seeing; it looks okay to me except that on individual posts the Post Info box floats on top of the image. That might or might not be new: I don’t know of anyone using that theme who posts such large images at the top of every post.

    What is your screen resolution? It could be that yours is narrow and that’s the cause of this.


    That, as I remember it, has always been the way that theme worked when images were right at the top.


    Yes, when you view a single post – because the post info is to the right in that case, while in the main blog page it’s across the top.

    (Morning tsp. Are we on speaking terms or not? I won’t bother you again with this, but I’d sure hope the answer is yes.)


    The answer is yes. G’morning to you as well.


    THANK YOU! (And my apologies if I made a bad move or if you still think I did; wasn’t ill-meant.)



    I see.

    I have to admit that is honestly an incredibly strange way to format this. The widths of the MAIN blog are much wider than the single posts, and it makes for trying to make a nice looking blog very difficult. :(


    That was the way the theme author designed it for whatever reason. WordPress leaves themes they use here pretty much intact, the way the theme author made them. They change only what is necessary to make the theme work here with the wordpress software used here.



    So, I’m guessing that there truly is no way of solving this relatively severe appearance issue then? :(


    There may be something that can be done via the paid CSS upgrade, but the only person around here I know of that could possibly do it would be devblog, but I haven’t seen him around here in about a week.

    My initial playing with it though makes me think it would require access to the underlying theme files, and we do not have that here.

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