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    I’m currently using Regulus 2, because it is the best compromise I can find among all of the themes that are currently available. For anybody who designs themes, or chooses themes to add to the options, I’d like to detail what I would consider my Ideal Theme:

    * Tabbed Pages (Regulus 2 has it)

    * No photos in the theme (Regulus 2 forces me to choose a photo, the moon is the least obtrusive — I really wish I could just upload a photo of my choosing!)

    * Clean, unobtrusive (and hopefully customizable) color scheme (Reg. 2 has it)

    * Calendar to navigate recent posts (Should be a widget) (Reg. 2 has it)

    * “Filed under” category links for each post (Reg. 2 doesn’t have it)

    * Widget support! (Reg. 2 doesn’t have it!)

    If a theme meeting these criteria became available, I would switch immediately!



    Just a quick aside that Matt has mentioned that they are working on adding Widget support to all of the themes that are used here.

    Good luck,



    ruberad – How are you getting the “About” box to show? I’ve looked for that setting everywhere



    Nevermind – I finally figured it out

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