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Theme Request: Andreas 01

  1. Hi it would be greatly appreciated if you would please add 'andreas01', bu Andreas Viklund. It is a great template and has the potential to be brilliant. It would also be nice if you could customise the header picture. I would like this greatly as I could inntegrate your great bloggin service into my personal website. The template can be found at

  2. andreas00 is better in my opinion - it's based on andreas01 and it's a more updated version than andreas01.

  3. Thanks! Both 00 and 01 are available as themes for WordPress, with widget support, localization and a few other extras. Both themes are built by me and Ainslie Johnson, which is a good seal of quality. =) The themes have not been released to the public yet, but it will be soon.

    A test version of WP-Andreas01 is available on and a demo (swedish language) can be seen on . Feedback is very welcome!

  4. the test blog looks excellent - i can't wait to use in! is the image header changeable like regulus?


    There it is! One of the most downloaded themes on the official theme viewer. Still hoping to see it on, because it would be really cool for me to have the same design on my blog as I have on my own website. :)

    I also noticed that the test blog on is an early preview version of the theme, so try the demo on the theme viewer site instead cuz that's the latest version.

  6. Heh, just heard the latest fuzzybuzz. Andreas is preparing a new release of WP-andreas01, called v1.5. I guess that may be worth waiting for as there is appearently an ugly bug in the current relly.

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