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    It looks pretty damm good.

    Here is a demo: http://sonu.110mb.com/blog/ [this page has low uptime]

    You can get it here: http://www.ndesign-studio.com/resources/wp-themes/glossyblue/

    There are 2 version standard and advanced. Do not thing we can use the advanced one but standard one we sure can.

    What do you think: http://www.ndesign-studio.com/images/resources/wp-themes/glossyblue-basic-screen.png

    Please add this to WordPress.com, cheers!



    High-tech, glossy Mac style, Web 2 Mini icons, validated CSS and XHTML, Web 2.0 colors… perfect WordPress theme for your technology-related blog. This theme contains all required template files: index or category view, search & results, comments, 404 error, single view, and static page template. Also, print.css file is included to make sure that your page still look nice on print out.

    GlossyBlue is available in two formats: Basic and Advanced. Basic theme does not have the extra footer panel. Advanced theme displays the recent posts and recently commented posts in the footer area (required Customizable Post Listings plugin in the zip).



    The first link took so long to load that I abandoned it. The second took me quickly to a page featuring a theme with a very beautiful background and that’s when I noted that the header was transparent. In fact the thing I liked most was the background which does not come with the theme. To achieve a similar look with a background too I would have to upgrade and customize my css. IMO the advance version is nice. :)



    It does come with the background.


    technically, that background (licensed on his wallpapers page) is only for local use, so even with a custom header or custom CSS it would still be a rip, and you might lose your blog for putting it up.

    nonetheless, it makes my desktop very happy :D

    other than that, yes, we’d have to use the simpler version, since themes with custom post listings (*cough*tarski*cough*) seem to cause chaos on wp.com. as pretty and well executed as the theme is, i think we have enough green + big blue header themes here.



    Wow. Here we have a hugely talented graphic designer who appears to have bought into Matt’s belief that all publically released WP themes should have a BBH.

    I wish he’d done something a bit more like those wallpapers rather than producing this Stepford theme (it’s so wp.com-esque, it’s actually rather eerie) but then this has a much better chance of being adopted than anything original, so good luck to him.



    so cool! I like this. thanks 4 sharing



    Best bet would be to send in afeedback requesting this theme. That’s what staff has requesed in the past as they keep track of requests like these when they’re sent in.

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