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Theme request: Like Sapphire but with sidebar throughout.

  1. I really like Sapphire's dark, serif font for content but it makes me absolutely crazy that the sidebars aren't there when you go to a post. Every other theme either has a sans-serif font for content or the text is really light, like medium gray on white or something. I need more contrast.

    I should probably have a specific theme in mind for theme requests, but just about any fairly clean theme that met the above requirements would make me happy, and one with a customizable header would make me ecstatic.

  2. Staff have stated that all theme requests ought to be made by way of sending in a feedback and have indicated that including reasons for your request is important.


  4. Sorry, the above was a bit snippy, it was late and I was frustrated at not being able to find a theme that met what I thought were fairly simple needs. I understand you're just trying to help things run more smoothly. :)

  5. I accept your apology. Please note that if you want total control over your template and you want a broader selection to choose from then hiring a web host and downloading software from may be the best way to go for you. There are many more themes available for software than there are for software. Check the differences between and out here and the theme selection for here

  6. Thank you for the suggestion. Actually, all I really want are more font options with each template, similar to the way Blogger works, so I'd probably just switch to Blogger before doing something like that, though I'd rather not. I guess I could put font code in each entry to get what I want but then editing becomes a bit of a bear.

    It seems like most of the themes are geared toward shorter entries rather than longer texts. Cool layouts and widgets are kinda pointless if you're writing lengthy entries that are hard to read because they're in tiny, light, sans serif fonts. I guess I will continue to make do with Sapphire until something better comes along, or maybe look into CSS customization.

  7. You can change the font two ways.
    (1) Entry by entry
    (2) Or through undertaking css customization of the entire blog.

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