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    I personally think WP.com needs more themes to choose from. So here are some suggestions (all viewable and downloadable at alexking.org):

    Framefake Theme
    Gentle Calm
    Scam City

    I’m sure there’d be plenty of people who’d want to use (one of) them.



    for your suggestions to be noted, you have to send it to feedback because not all threads in the forums are read, so to make sure yours is, send feedback.



    I had a look at the themes on Alex’s blog and they are the result of the 2005 Theme Competition. This means that they are all built for WP 1.5.

    Not only will they not have widgets (and other tweaks), the probability is that they are not easily compatible with either WP 2 or WPMU (what we’re running here) without much tweaking. Whilst the themes look “nice”, there is much better stuff out there that is already 2.0 compatible and will take less work to WPMU “ize”.



    Thanks for the info Collin it demonstrates what excellent research skills we volunteers have. I located the information too. drmike wants us to “educate” and not to just regurgitate. The question is: Did it teach the blogger to search for himself and to post links to what he posts about on the forum or to depend on us? {miaow}:P {nah, nah, nah, nah, nah};)



    Cutting to the chase here:

    Staff has stated that theme requests should be made via feedback from your dashboard. Please include a link to the theme you are requesting because many have dupe names and some are not findable via a search. Staff has also requested that the reason why you like the theme be added in as well.

    But Cornell is right. Those themes are for WP 1.5 and will probably not work for what we have here. Also many of those themes are not GPL’ed and/ or allowed for commerical environments.



    Couple of points:

    1. The theming structure didn’t change between 1.5 and 2.0 and I don’t actually know of any themes that broke in the transition. The only major difference I can think of between 1.5 and 2.1 (which is closest to what we’re using here) is in the way blogrolls are handled, but both that and widget support are trivial changes and wouldn’t add much to the work that has to be done to any theme to make it MU-friendly
    2. All the themes on Alex King’s site had to be GPL-licensed in order to be entered into the competition. I know this because I tried to enter a CC theme which specified attribution and non-commercial use, and it wasn’t allowed. So anything there is fair game for wp.com, and for that matter anyone else.
    3. That said, most 1.5-era themes are looking a little dated by now and do not have the Big Blue Header required for implementation on wp.com, though it’s possible that Scam City’s blandness and blue background may qualify it for inclusion ;)


    it’s possible that Scam City’s blandness and blue background may qualify it for inclusion ;)




    [Deleted the spam posts – drmike]



    Framefake which would have been ideal for a Jungle theme has an error in the header.php. I contacted the creator and he did tell me what the soloution was. I decided not to use it.

    Sorry I lost the e-mail with that soloution.

    The error:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column 'time_modified' in 'order clause']
    SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status = 'static' ORDER BY time_modified ASC

    End Error:


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