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Theme Request: Portfolium or Imbalance by WPShower

  1. Hello WP Team,

    I'm new here and have just begun to design my site. So far, so good, as I slowly begin to get a handle on the many dazzling features available, as well as how to manipulate the CSS. I like WordPress, and I'm happy to be here. My site will be dedicated to design, including both a portfolio section as well as a blog. The portfolio section will be static (although work continually added) and password protected in order to find a job after grad school; the blog will be to showcase content relevant to the site's title and my own interests, as well as to (hopefully) keep traffic moving to my site. When signing up for WP, I initially gravitated toward the Blogum theme for it's minimalist and clean interface. However, after stumbling upon WPShower's other themes not available on, I'm left drooling. I especially love their Portfolium theme, that allows both the portfolio and the blog, and that it features images so prominently in a clean interface. I also love the way the work is showcased in each of the portfolio pages, with the very simple dots below. I know that the CSS on Blogum can be greatly manipulated to mimic many of the features I love on the two sites I'm mentioning in this request, but, to put it like one of the forum experts, why go to so much trouble when you could simply select another theme? Any chance these sites are on your radar? WPShower's sites are...pretty incredible!

  2. Oops! I read the instructions after posting. Of course. Here are the links for the themes I mention above. Thanks so much for your consideration !

    Portfolium theme by WPShower:
    Imbalance theme by WPShower:

  3. @secondhandplaces

    I'm also a fan of WPShower themes and I agree they are great looking themes. Thanks for your suggestion!!

  4. @iamtakashi: Thanks to you for seconding it !!

    Wpshower does such an incredible job of creating a thoughtful but minimal canvas on which to showcase work.

    Despite over one hundred very excellent choices, the currently-offered WP themes seem more geared towards traditional blogging and writing, rather than visual arts accompanied by minimal text. If I were making a strict blog, I would be very thrilled with Blogum. However, I would love to see one of WPShower's other offerings with a little more portfolio oomph for the visual/design-based crowd !

  5. I need help! I want to convert my blog to a wpshower theme. I've downloaded the one I like but I'm having trouble. I need help. How can i do this? Please!

  6. @artsylane
    The blog linked to your username is a free hosted blog. There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins or any themes into them The themes found on the internet are for wordpress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    On free hosted wordpress.COM blogs we can only use the themes which have been coded to run on this multi-user software and made available to us here. > Appearance > Themes and no others. We cannot edit either themes or templates on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. >

    In this thread 2 themes are being requested for Staff to consider adding to's theme selection. In order for them to become available to us the versions of the theme must be coded to run on this software. Please read so your are clear on the differences. >

  7. @timethief. Thanks. The information you gave was more than helpful.

    So what do I need to do for me to use the "Imbalance" theme on to start my new web site?

    How can I use and upload the theme to my computer after I have downloaded it?

    Do I need to register with in order to use the free templates available?

  8. artsylane
    If you have a separate site then we don't provide support for that software here. You will need to post to the support forums.

  9. We've just launched Imbalance 2 on

    Thanks again for your suggestion!

  10. Wow, Takashi! I am so very excited about this! My blog has been on a protected hiatus since August as I wrap up graduate school. I'm getting back to it in two weeks, and I'm very eager and excited to check out these themes. Thank you so much!! :)

  11. Ooh. After some initial exploring, I like it a lot ! It is very clean, minimal, and perfect for showcasing work/blogging. In two weeks, once I've finished school, I will absolutely come back to this one. Nice work and thanks so much for this site. What a great addition to the other themes !!

  12. I'm really drawn to this theme but am having trouble getting my posts to appear with their image 'blocks' on the home page as they do in the demo - what's the trick to that?

    Still getting my head around the basics, I guess.

  13. hi brendan.
    if you're still trying to use this theme and are having difficulty, i can try to help you. with the issue you mention above, once you create a new post, in the actual post window of the dashboard (it's like the back stage of your show), look at the far right column. you should see "publish", "categories", "tag", and "featured image". it is this last box in the column -- "featured image" -- that allows you to set up the square image for the post that will appear on your home page. just click on this and you'll have a few options; you can upload something directly, designate something already uploaded from your media library, etc. the page i'm currently using with this theme i currently have under password protection, as it's still a work-in-progress. otherwise, you could take a look. i hope this helps and good luck.

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