Theme request: Regulus 2.3 by Ben Gillbanks

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    I’d just like to request that the theme Regulus (version 2.3) be added to A link to Ben Gillbanks’ site can be found here: Version 2.3 of Regulus adds the ability to use tags, and turns the banner image into a link for a user’s homepage. I believe that both of these features would benefit users, especially those of us who are currently using the Regulus 2.1 theme which is over a year older than Regulus 2.3.

    Finally, if a theme (e.g. Regulus) is selected as my “current theme,” does this mean it won’t show up as an “available theme” under “Appearance” -> “Themes” on my Dashboard? Thank you in advance for considering my theme request.



    We have a thread for theme requests; it’ll get more attention there:

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