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Theme request: Relaxation

  1. I think Relaxation would be a cool theme to have. It's very clean. The colors remind me of the old default theme, updated a bit.

    2 Column (best, imho)
    3 Column mod (Because we don't have many 3 column themes yet)

    I'm not entirely sure if I'd use it on my blog (Best fits so far are Blix and Hemmingway), but I enjoy looking at it.

  2. victoriacarolina

    Second the motion.... I've always loved it, use it on one of my other blogs....

  3. I like it too, prefer 3 columns though...

  4. Vote++
    I would prefer the 2 column one

  5. Oooh yes!

    I would love this layout to be installed. I love the 2-column one better.

  6. Yes .. another vote from me .. I love both the 2 column and 3 column themes!

  7. talkingbaseball

    The three-column mod is a K2 spin-off. It's doubtful that k2 will be picked up by until it's out of Beta. But the two column version is nice.

  8. Do we even have any 3 column themes? I know that there's a two column that splits into 3 part of the way down...


  9. ohhh, nice. i really like the 2 column one

  10. Ow gosh! The 2 column version is great! I'd love to use one of these! So, do you think that WordPress managers will install these themes for us?


  11. requesting again ... any one listening :(

  12. it's been a while since we got any new themes... and it's friday... *doe eyes*

    i think both versions of relaxation are great - ESPECIALLY the three-column style, not even to add the col# variety (which we desperately need) but because it comes with TEN HEADERS TO CHOOSE FROM... i have no idea about any of the options for the two-column style, as i'm too lazy to translate the example page ;)

  13. I think both are verny nice. They're a bit different than the others we can actually choose.

  14. Only if the widgets can be added to the current Hemingway Theme, it's a great theme.

  15. Yeah, the two column version is great. Definitely make a nice addition to the current themes, WP!

  16. its a nice theme i have to say

  17. Relaxation 2 Column looks marvelous - it's very, very nice...

  18. It would be great to have the 2 Column version.

  19. I like that theme a lot!

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