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Theme Request: Release of Emire

  1. I really think this theme should be added. It's dark, clean and simple.

  2. It's pink.. I mean green. :)

  3. Simple - good.
    Clean - good.
    Dark - very good!

    Seriously, we need more dark themes. I realized yesterday I'm stuck with dusk or hemmingway if I want a dark theme. Both are rather stylised. This is nice and normal-ish.

    The header is too bright though, imho. I'd rather just have plain light text on the dark background, like the rest of the theme.

    edit: also, the footer needs to stay at the bottom of the page, like a good footer should.

  4. That is nice. Good shout.

  5. yes, pls add it, looks great

  6. I will love it if the blue bar will show at the top, which i believe it would be.

  7. I have to agree, really nice looking theme. Would love to see this one on WP.

  8. I love it too

  9. great theme!

  10. Please can all of you suggest this through feedback?

    You might get some attention that way. Sorry podz!

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