Theme Request: Rounded and Rounded v2

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    Would like to request this theme called rounded and rouned v2, personally it’s very organized and elegant.



    Did you send in a feedback? That’s the favoured avenue for theme requests, though there haven’t been any added for a while now.


    No I didn’t send a feedback for this. I thought you are suppose to put the theme request on this forum though.



    If you check the notices on your dashboard you will find that today was Theme Tuesday. Yes, four new themes were added today, although not the one you specify. wank is right about specific requests they are to be sent through feedback.



    ppl usually show themes they like in the forum to encourage other readers to comment and maybe send in their own feedback to increase demand for it. so if you have any more themes you like, just put it here and share with the others – i like seeing them!

    i really like the flowers at the bottom. =) the colour scheme is a bit appalling though. it would get my vote if we could change the background colour and sidebar colour.



    sulz is right there’s a benefit to previewing them all here and if not a benefit at least it’s an opportunity to respond before they are sent up to feedback. I hope you’re both thick skinned [she said smiling]. This is so funny. I don’t like the colours or the flowers. What I do like is that the readability of the layout, the contrasting boxes, the sizing of everything including the fonts. But like anyone else responding to a theme I imagine my own content injected into it. Now that’s the acid test for each individual when it comes to a theme, isn’t it? If you just can’t relate to your content in that format who cares if it has widgets, plug ins, side blog capacity,etc.

    So fadingflowers if you want this theme to become available then the forum is the place to develop an idea of how many others find it appealing too. But there has to be continued dialogue in order to “bump” it to the top of the subjects and keep it up there. lol I’m both an artist and a political pundit – lol – I can always see “the picture”.



    Matt and staff have mentioned a few times in passing that they keep track of which theme get requested via the Feedback method. While they have not come out and specificly stated that only requests via feedback would be counted, we’ve pretty much taken this as Gospel around here as the recommended method.

    The other reason is that we’ve had a couple of people here posts lists of themes that they wanted to see here and they were directed to that method as well.

    Please remember that most of the themes take a bit to recode and drop into the different servers. It’s not a 1-2 quickie. (I dropped 47 into my MU site and its took about 3 days and some of them were still broken. Lots of fun.:)



    I appreciate that a lot of work goes into “re-coding” a theme to make it suit this client or that client’s needs or desires. What I wonder about is why those who can code and design themes don’t simply hang out a shingle and custom design templates. Well, come to think of it maybe some already do this and I’m just not aware of them. Another question that comes to mind is why are most templates so narrow? Almost everyone has a 17 inch computer screen so it’s mind boggling to find there are two strips or in some cases one that are unused space.So far I’ve only found one designer Andreas Viklund who uses the whole space available but then again how many template designers do I know of? [Very few.]



    I think the narrow design issue is it seems like a lot of sites take the default design and just modify that. Since that is based on a narrow strip, so are theirs. Also not everybody has a 17inch screen. I’m still using my 8 year old laptop with a 800×600 panel on it on occasion and most of my monitors at home are 1024’s.

    I think another issue is the header picture for most of the themes. If you have a picture of an actual design (for example, the grassy field of Benevolence), it’s a set size and you don’t have to deal with users of your theme coming back to you whining “I changed the width of my theme and now it’s broken.”

    One the other hand, Andreas Viklund’s header is actually only a few pixels thick and is stretched across the page. Granted, it’s a simple image when you compare it to Benevolence.

    And don’t forget that themes were originally designed to be editable. :)

    I think with more of the themes getting on the “editable” bandwagon, we’ll start seeing more options in the future. We’ve been having a discussion over on the MU site about what it would take to allow edits for some of these standard themes.



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