Theme request: Slaty Stain, Tropical Grunge, Orange Sky and some

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    Hi, I’d love if you could add these themes to the current selection. They’ve got more colour, more pizzazz and a different feel from the mostly mild-mannered/professional-looking ones available now.

    Slaty Stain:
    Tropical Grunge:
    Orange Sky:
    Opus 68:

    And if you’ll allow customisation of the header image,
    Clueless, Pop Art, Vivacity, Refresh:

    Breaking away for one very simple yet very tasteful

    That’s a lot, I know, but if you would — thanks! :)



    Very neat themes. :D
    Would be great if some of them can be on



    Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll take a look at some of these next go-round.



    Love opus 68 and kiss. They’re nice



    Slatystain seems to be missing now, but the others are still available. I do hope matt will add some of them!



    My vote goes to Kiss.


    why dont you get a sports theme?



    If you can find a theme that is 730 pixels by 140 pixels, then it can be inserted as a header into the regulus theme.

    Why don’t you see what “sports” images you can find on the net or in your own photo clollection or your friends photo collections. Maybe something can be done about creating a header that suits your needs that way – it has worked for others.

    P.S. Requests for specific themes go to feedback. As for themes that do not exist as yet they are created by theme designers and not by the folks who provide support for the forum.

    The paint program can be used to size it. I believe that photoshop maybe be used for the same purpose. In any case what have you got to lose by looking for an appropriate image?


    I would, but I REALY hate the regulus theme, I love the default one, thats the one we should be able to add a header image in.



    patriotsfan please go to your web browser and type in kubrik theme limitations and read what you find there on the web. It will take you to posts by lorelle. (The Default theme is the kubrik theme.)



    There actually is a fair number of generic sports themes available. MAybe they’ll be added one day. :)



    Since we can already use custom headers on Regulus, there seems to be no technical or security-related reason why we shouldn’t be able to do the same on other themes, though obviously some themes are more suited to this than others.

    What would really be useful is a very basic black-on-white theme which let you make your own header, choose an accent colour for the links and titles, and let you select one-column, two-column or three-column options. Does this exist already? If it doesn’t, I may have to make it myself.



    Actually, timethief, the faq blog states that the best place to request new themes is on the ideas forum. And so, here we are! I’ll take your advice though, and submit a feedback form anyway. :)

    I do wish the superadmin would add some of these themes. Sigh. In the meantime, thank goodness for header customisation!



    The other handy thing about posting theme requests in the forum in addition to sending feedback is that it gives everyone else a chance to see the themes in question.

    We can probably conclude that since this thread is pretty old and we’ve had a number of other themes added in the meantime, the suggested themes have been rejected. It’d be very helpful for people planning to make future requests (not to mention for theme designers) if Matt could briefly explain why they weren’t suitable.



    Indeed I think hearing the reasons and rationale for saying “no” to this theme or that theme would be very helpful. If we could hear the rejection criteria then we could establish some likelihood for saying “yes” benchmarks to consider when making new theme requests. I’m so glad you brought that up.:)



    Not a staff member but here’s what I see right off:

    Slaty Stain (once you find it on his site since almost all of the site’s internal links redirect) requires a plug in to work and requires the CC button. That would probably mean the text would also have to be CC’ed as well which would not go over with some folks including me.

    Tropical Grunge would require a link back to Template Monster, a commerical outfit that makes Templates for websites. I don’t know how Matt would feel about that.

    Orange Sky (Link included to the author’s site just for reference) is WP 1.5. Don’t know if it would work with 2.0/MU.

    Opus 68 isn’t GPL’ed and is listed as non-commerical only.

    Clueless, Pop Art, Vivacity, Refresh is all CC’ed and non-commerical.

    Don’t know about Kiss. I personally really really hate thin themes though.

    I’ve asked Podz to fix the “Theme requests into the Ideas forum” issue because Matt has stated before that theme requests should be sent in via feedback since they are keeping track of which themes get requested. I don’t mind the thread here though so we can discuss the themes in question though and it allows others to cast their own votes for the ones they like as well.



    I really like Orange Sky, I love the way the sidebar starts at the top of the page even with the top of the banner.

    FWIW, This is a cool theme browser (obviously with lots of themes not available on WP.COM). It does have some of the WP.COM themes though that you can look at.

    From the orange sky theme page above comes the link:



    I liked Opus 68 a lot, just wish I could replace the header image ;)



    Ah, it’s the old ‘linkbacks are eeeevil unless they are to WP developers’ policy.

    I’ve always felt that specifying non-commercial licences on free themes is fair enough; why shouldn’t businesses pay for something they’re going to profit from? Same thing with linkbacks — this person has spent time and skill making something from which you’re benefiting, and a link is really not too much to ask for in lieu of payment. But the WP developers have always had a problem with these practices, seeing them as insufficiently ‘open’. It’s a clash of cultures between coders and graphic designers, and it does seem to be narrowing the range of themes available to

    (On the principle that businesses should pay for what they’re making money out of, there’s a good case to be made for Automattic doing what Google did with Blogger: hiring professional designers to come up with professional-quality designs. This won’t happen, because it would cost money and the community would get stroppy, but I wish it would.)



    Wank, I agree with leaving in the linkbacks and I leave them in with the themes I install for my clients. heck, I’m even putting them into themes that don’t already have them now.

    I do note that I am seeing more and more themes with links back to their “sponsers” in the footers that go to some sort of business. There’s one theme over at that looks like it goes back to a spammer’s outfit. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    If I could drop a check in the mail for every open source project I’ve dealt with over the years, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Probably never going to happen though. :(

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