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Theme Requests

  1. Travelogue
    Orange Sky
    Red Train
    Devenir en Gris
    Desert Theme

    All can be seen via:

    I've listed them in order of me liking the, Travelogue and Orange Sky are just awesome.

  2. jb510 - I'm not sure posting the same link to two different threads was a cool move. Now folks may post their responses in two different places and that will defeat the purpose of having one thread on themes. Here's the original thread

  3. TT, I understand your point but the other thread was entitled "Theme request: Slaty Stain, Tropical Grunge, Orange Sky and some" and was really just about those four themes. I started a separate thread to request very different themes (the only one I like of those four is Orange Sky). I'd rather not hijack someone else thread with a bunch of stuff that I want. IMHO. As for double posting the link I felt it useful to both users who might be interested in the themes I requested, as well as those interested in the themes adeleth had requested.

  4. Cool now don't forget to send your request in through feedback, right. That's covered in the other thread.

  5. It would have been cooler to point at the theme designer's websites though, especially since those themes were entered into the Alex's theme browser back in 2005 and are written for WP1.5.

    Also you can't run more than one theme at a time on your blog. Theme requests should be made by someone who wants a specific theme added in, not just a list of them.

    Also you may want to learn the word 'please.' :)

  6. Also you can't run more than one theme at a time on your blog. Theme requests should be made by someone who wants a specific theme added in, not just a list of them.

    Ouch, that's harsh. You may want to be wedded to the same theme for life but some of us are less monogamous and would like to chop and change :)

  7. You must have missed the thread a few months ago where someone listed 106 themes that they wanted. :)

  8. 106?!? How on earth did they think they would fit that many in the Presentation panel?

  9. That post disappeared real quick I noticed. :whistle:

    We've already had folks complain about the size of the Presentation page. I'm wondering if that's the real reason why we're not seeing new themes around here.

  10. While a blog can only have one theme. One certainly could have more than one blog :) Please.

    If I had know where to find the original theme designers sites I would have pointed there, and if I knew the difference between WP 1.5 and 2.0 I would have taken that into account. I didn't realize it mattered.

    Frankly, I just wanted to put a couple more themes out there for people to think about not have a big discussion about them.

    I've been longing for a 3 column variable width theme with a customizable header... However, in the last couple days it's occurred to me that I'd rather just have a fixed wider fixed width theme than true variable width. Most of the variable width blogs I've looked at end up looking crummy if they get stretched wide anyway. I think I'd like to keep the formatting control, just not be limited by 800 pixels or less. I think a 1024 pixel wide theme would be cool. I know the web standard is still 800, but that's getting archaic IMHO and it's time to move on.

    Anyway, I know WP.C is unlikely to ever offer such a beast, so I've been looking at hosted options (I want to play with code anyway), just not to thrilled about the monthly cost of it.

    I still think Travelouge and Orange Sky should get considered for addition. There are way too many boring, plain, simple themes and not enough colorful creative ones.

  11. @jb510 - I like the way you narrowed your theme choices down to two - Travelouge and Orange Sky - colorful creative ones

    I like the way you added some clarity about what you were seeking
    a 3 column theme with a customizable header;
    a fixed wider theme rather than true variable width;
    a 1024 pixel wide theme.

    But I was surpised when you said I want to play with code anyway, just not to thrilled about the monthly cost. If you check out and you will find some very modestly priced webhosting choices listed there.

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