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theme requests: K2 and Almodovar

  1. Two very distinctive themes which would add some variety to a range where 'clean' options are needed:
    - "K2" should be in because it is a worthy heir to a WP classic;
    - "Almodovar" should be in because it appeals to the 'flashy minimalist' inside each of us :)

    Please, please!

  2. Got links? I'm familiar with K2 but I don't know if everyone who is here would be. :)


  3. It's been discussed here before. It's highly unlikely that K2 would be here. It's more of a full-out hack than a theme. I do like it's aside post functionality though.

  4. I think they're going to add K2. It just probably won't come with all the hacks. I mean the layout is enough to make me switch.

    It's still in beta so they probably won't release it till it's done. Plus the guy doing K2 is really busy now.

  5. There are precedents for adding beta and even alpha themes... but I think you're right. k2 is a fair bit more complicated than the average theme and they'll want to iron out most of the bugs first.

  6. When K2 is ready, it will be considered. It is not ready yet.

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