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Theme Sandbox

  1. What does the Sandbox theme do? Is it just the ugly old white and blue? Why is it called powerful and all???

  2. It is powerful because, currently, it is the only theme that you can customize by adding your favorite CSS style. That is why it is very neat and simple.

  3. Where exactly should I add the custom css?

  4. You need to buy the upgrade. I was really saddened by this. I just don't have the money right now. I really want HTML customization. I know HTML really well.

  5. Foo! I for once thought wordpress was being considerate to the underdogs.

  6. read up on the sandbox:

    there is precious little the theme can't do.

    you can still stick bucketloads of html in text widgets.

  7. Foo! I for once thought wordpress was being considerate to the underdogs.

    It's free, secure and not Blogger. How much more considerate do you want?

    Did I mention it's free?

  8. To address the two unhappy remarks in this thread so far:
    1. "Why the fuss about Sandbox? There's nothing to it!" That's just the point of Sandbox. It's so that, when you do your own CSS, there's no need to move anything out of the way first.
    2. "But is costs $ to be able to do my own CSS!" It costs $15/year. As a price set by guys who have to make a living, that's ridiculously low. Almost as ridiculously low as the price for basic (see Cornell's contribution to this thread).
    Having said that, I'm sorry that there are CSSers who really don't have a buck and a quarter a month to show their skills on

  9. $1.25 = One way bus trip for me. It's not that much. Heck I charge $7.95 a month for my clients for a standard site.

  10. It seems to me that the alternative to paying $15/yr for total theme control on a is to pay $X/yr for your own domain, so that in addition to having total theme control, you have the joy of downloading, installing and administering the rest of WordPress, rather than letting the team take care of that for you!

    I think the WordPress team deserve to all become millionaires, so some charging for value has to happen somewhere; I think theme customization is a great high-value feature with which to differentiate freeloaders from customers, and I think $15 is a great price. Now I just need to learn some CSS, and I'll become a happy customer...

  11. you don't even really need to learn CSS. you can just switch to the sandbox, view your blog and go to the file menu in your browser, and choose "save page as" (or save as > web page (complete).

    open that page in any of the myriad free editors out there, change things up how you want, and save.

    open up the css file in notepad, and paste that into your custom CSS

  12. This all looks very interesting! I just have a curious/silly question (you'll find out why it's silly in a second): since I know the most basic HTML, I've found that you're able to add a Favicons (the default W in the address bar) to your page which gives it that extra little custom feel. My question is will the new CSS-do-it-yourself upgrade allow for you to do that?

    See, that's the first thing that came to my head when I read this "customizable upgrade" and probably for me, that's the selling point ;) I probably should care more about the overall design part.. but like I said, silly I know..

  13. newp. it requires editting the head of the document, not the CSS.
    that's not to say it might not be a future paid option, though. if you want it, send in feedback and ask for it.

  14. The CSS editor does not let you edit HTML.

    Once you have the CSS editor upgrade, you can use it with any theme. Sandbox is the most flexible but you don't have to activate Sandbox to use the CSS editor.

  15. Custom CSS can be added to any theme? The news blog post does not make that clear at all. Reading that, I thought it was only available for Sandbox. I doubt I was the only one.

    It's probably in your interests to go back and edit that post, seeing as there may well be some people willing to pay $15 to get their links to match their header but without necessarily having the skills to write a stylesheet for Sandbox...

  16. -nod- @ wank.
    i thought the same thing.

  17. Thank you Wank; I updated the post.

  18. The Sandbox will undoubtidly be the easiest theme for novices to write CSS for, with selectors that are semantic and logical.

    Documents are fast approaching . . .

  19. I just had a thought and I sent in a feedback to ask. Does the upgrade only cover a blog or all of them within an account?

  20. The upgrade is for one blog.

  21. Oh, and risenphoenix: The Sandbox is powerful because it generates semantic classes for a myriad of pages, which allows practically absolute control over the theme with CSS alone. We've made it minimal to encourage users to customize it. I've been saying this quite a few times already, but it's exceptionally beautiful on the inside. Have a look at the source and you'll see.

  22. @scott - be sure to post a link to those documents in andy's thread, so people know where to go.

    i suspect that CSS question may be coming in in droves in the very near future. heading them off is definately the way to go.

  23. OK, Adam, will do. I've been throwing out that link pretty much since my first theme went public. ;-) You know that story.

    Actually, I believe the link will be in the Sandbox Skins submenu of Presentation, after selecting the Sandbox theme. But I'll definitely get the word out here, there, everywhere, when the deed is done.

  24. $15/year is more than reasonable. Most people spend more than that on beverages a week.

  25. By the way, it needs to be a little clearer how people pay for the CSS that they access and what the money give them.. particularly as you can just access the theme through the dashboard.

  26. OK, I gotta ask for some help here. I just downloaded the Sandbox theme. The .zip is to be opened in a folder called, "/wp-content/themes/".

    Can someone please tell me where this folder is or should be?

  27. stringcheest: You downloaded the Sandbox theme? It's currently not available for download, so I'm thinking you actually downloaded the previous version, the Minimalist Sandbox, which is a totally different theme.

    Also, the downloaded theme is for hosted versions of WordPress. On, the themes that are alreday in the Presentation menu of the dashboard are the ones currently available.

    The paid feature of "Custom CSS" is for simply over-riding the default CSS of one of those themes. You don't need to download anything.

  28. Thanks Swallick! I can take it from here! :)

  29. Swallick: I just want to understand. The Sandbox Theme on your website is not the same as the one used on, right? The link to download the Sandbox Theme on your site brings a corrupted file.

  30. Update: latest version of Sandbox, which is what we have here, is now available for download by people using Minimalist Sandbox has gone.

    The zip works fine for me, did you try re-downloading it?

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