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    Oh, and risenphoenix: The Sandbox is powerful because it generates semantic classes for a myriad of pages, which allows practically absolute control over the theme with CSS alone. We’ve made it minimal to encourage users to customize it. I’ve been saying this quite a few times already, but it’s exceptionally beautiful on the inside. Have a look at the source and you’ll see.


    @scott – be sure to post a link to those documents in andy’s thread, so people know where to go.

    i suspect that CSS question may be coming in in droves in the very near future. heading them off is definately the way to go.



    OK, Adam, will do. I’ve been throwing out that link pretty much since my first theme went public. ;-) You know that story.

    Actually, I believe the link will be in the Sandbox Skins submenu of Presentation, after selecting the Sandbox theme. But I’ll definitely get the word out here, there, everywhere, when the deed is done.



    $15/year is more than reasonable. Most people spend more than that on beverages a week.



    By the way, it needs to be a little clearer how people pay for the CSS that they access and what the money give them.. particularly as you can just access the theme through the dashboard.


    OK, I gotta ask for some help here. I just downloaded the Sandbox theme. The .zip is to be opened in a folder called, “/wp-content/themes/”.

    Can someone please tell me where this folder is or should be?



    stringcheest: You downloaded the Sandbox theme? It’s currently not available for download, so I’m thinking you actually downloaded the previous version, the Minimalist Sandbox, which is a totally different theme.

    Also, the downloaded theme is for hosted versions of WordPress. On, the themes that are alreday in the Presentation menu of the dashboard are the ones currently available.

    The paid feature of “Custom CSS” is for simply over-riding the default CSS of one of those themes. You don’t need to download anything.


    Thanks Swallick! I can take it from here! :)



    Swallick: I just want to understand. The Sandbox Theme on your website is not the same as the one used on, right? The link to download the Sandbox Theme on your site brings a corrupted file.



    Update: latest version of Sandbox, which is what we have here, is now available for download by people using Minimalist Sandbox has gone.

    The zip works fine for me, did you try re-downloading it?



    Hi Lorelle: I emailed a tested archive of the Sandbox and just be safe re-zipped the version of my blog with a different client. If anyone else has any problems, please just let me know.

    I hate “swallick.” Sounds vulgar. Grrr.

    Anyhow, yes, Wank is right on. The Minimalist Sandbox is gone (unless you look very, very closely—but why would you?) and has been replaced by the Sandbox.

    I believe the readme.html will be integrated in the “Sandbox Skins” menu for blogs on, time provided. Please be patient on that one.

    Otherwise, enjoy.



    Oh, and yes, the Sandbox on and the one available for download for hosted WordPress blogs is the same—sort of. Hosted blogs have the ability to add skins to the “Sandbox Skins” menu whereas blogs on can uttilize the “Custom CSS” feature to achieve, really, the same ends.



    Thanks, Scott – er – Swallick.

    How about I just call you “Oh, Great Brilliant One”. ;-)



    I think swallick is more appropriate than associating me with any thing great/brilliant ;-)

    But really, swwwaaaaaalick. Gross. What was I thinking . . .



    I just installed Sandbox and the Unsleepable Skin – but I can’t get any of the skins to work (even the pre-installed ones!) Any ideas? When I click on a different theme, the page reloads and the same, default theme is still installed. Help! Thank you!



    You’re on Comcast which is known for it’s broken proxy servers. Best bet would be to try clearing out your cache and doign a forced reload of the page you’re looking at.




    I live in India and 1$ is about 50 rupees. 15$ is 750 rupees. I can get an annual subscription for my own domain for 400 rupees.


    what about the themes at can we apply those without upgrading?



    no, the themes in your dashboard are the only ones that can be applied without upgrading.



    What WordPress offers for free is enough to sing about. It’s irrelevant if I can pay for a domain for an entire year on less than a CSS upgrade because with my own domain, I can’t just submit a feeback for help and get FREE help when I don’t understand something myself. is by far, the best place to be. Anyone who agrees is invited to view the following post and add their thanks to the staff.

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