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    Sorry I don’t visit the forums much, but that’s because WordPress is so easy to use and I am pushing my own boundaries blogging, so I have not had to push WordPress. Happy New Year.

    As to my visit here…
    IMHO there needs to be a better search tool for THEMES here at The problem is that searching only allows us to find themes by name and not by keyword.

    Is finding a theme by tagged keyword important? Just open the Google search page and start typing: “WordPress magazine themes” for instance. There are about 9,500,000 results, with all kinds of articles from people trying to inform the world of themes of a particular type. Statistically, that’s like 1 in 2 WordPress sites trying to help the world because we cannot go and search by tag.

    I like the look of your browsable pages, but I hope you’ll consider offering some search criteria so that I can spend my time well and get back to improving my site. I have a LOT of work to do.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    The blog I need help with is


    You need to use the “feature filter.” A link to that is just to the right of the search box. There you can select how to filter your results.

    Also, wordpress introduced the new site, which has larger screenshots and a ton more information. Click on the “explore themes” button at top right and then you can use the feature filter on that resulting page to filter by a ton of different criteria.

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