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    I’m using the theme Sight and I would like to modify my slideshow. I would like to hide the text that’s automatically linked in the slideshow.

    For example: I have a picture in my slideshow to the left, and to the right in the slideshow it shows the title of my post, followed by the text in my post. I only want my blog to show the title of my post in the slideshow and NOT to link the text in my post. I think it looks cleaner and a lot better that way, because the focus turns to the picture instead of the picture and the text. (Look up goingraaw wordpress to see what I’m refering to).

    How do I change this? I want the reader to only see the picture and the topic of the post in the slideshow, so the reader can click on this and then get transfered to the post where the whole text shows.

    Where and how do I change this?

    I’m so grateful for the help!

    The blog I need help with is



    This should do it:

    .entry-summary {
    display: none;


    I must ask you, to change this I need to get the HTML code, and the only way to get the HTML code from WordPress is by getting a host? (like DreamHost for example) Is that right?

    Thanks again!



    actually, no. You can keep the text from displaying with just CSS. So if you enter the code I gave you into your CSS editor it will stop displaying on your existing site here on WordPress.COM

    It looks like you already have the CSS upgrade so I was assuming you’d made changes to the CSS before. If that’s not the case, just go to your Dashboard, then click Appearance>Customize. That will open your customize screen. Then on the menu on the right side of the screen, click “CSS” a window will pop up where you can paste the code I gave you.

    Good luck!


    Thank you so much, it works!!
    I’m new to this, I’ve seen the CSS editor before but I didn’t realize I could change my slideshow with it and I didn’t know how. I’m so glad you answered.

    May I ask you what more changes I can make from editing the CSS in this mode? Like, where did you found that code?

    Can I change my slideshow to a carousel instead of fading?

    Just one more question. We removed the whole body text that was linked in the slideshow, but is it possible to leave just the first 3 or for words in the slideshow? So I can write “continue reading here” or so. Can I do that with CSS?

    Thank you again!! :)



    I’m happy to help.

    I found the code, by using the inspect element feature in Chrome. I highlighted the text we wanted to remove to discover which selector ruled it and then made the change from there.

    WordPress has a good intro to CSS document here:

    If you really want to dig into the CSS and understand what it can and can’t do (and have 7 hours to devote to it) I highly recommend the Codecademy course on HTML and CSS: I took it less than a month ago and it dramatically increased my understanding of what is and isn’t possible with CSS.

    As for your other questions, I don’t think those changes are possible with CSS. Basically, CSS impacts how things look and where they show up on the page. So changing the appearance of your slider is possible, but how it actually works is handled somewhere else.

    As for the text, the code I used allowed us to stop displaying the text, but we didn’t actually change it in anyway. Leaving some of the words is actually quite a bit harder (and as far as I know, not possible with CSS). The post title is still linked though, so visitors can still click on the name of the post to go read it.


    Thank you! I will look in to that course. OK, I understand that I can’t make those changes, but I’m just happy that I could remove the text in the slider.

    May I ask you, is it possible to add a favicon with wordpress? (even though I dont have my own server)

    Thanks again for our help!!


    Hi there, yes you can add your own favicon. At they are called a Blavatar (blog avatar) and you can read about how to add your own here: .

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