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    On my blog I use the Twenty-Ten Theme, and am very happy with it. But if someone out there can help with my little dilemma I would be most grateful. On the blog I have several ‘categories’ that in turn all have different headings posted under them. But there are a lot of articles in some of the categories and the drop down menu does not always allow the viewer to see them all. Is there any way I can just have the ‘cateories’ and then for topics relating to that subject they just click on it? If not is there a theme that will allow this with custom header and video usage? We are a gaming blog so the posts come thick and fast and there just isn’t going to be enough room on the page for the related content froma drop down. ( maybe we can limit the drop down to the last 5 related articles??)

    someone help? or just shoot me, they say its best when the animal is too far gone isn’t it? ;) lol

    The blog I need help with is


    You’re talking about categories, but actually you mean pages and dropdowns to subpages. You can switch to a theme with no dropdowns. Most themes don’t have them – see here which ones do:
    In this post you can also see the very few themes in which the parent pages automatically display links to subpages; in all the rest you’ll have to add those links yourself.

    Alternative: if you don’t need those tabs in the header, you can stick to the theme you’re using, create a custom menu (Appearance>Menus) that won’t include those pages, and add the Pages widget to your sidebar.

    As for themes with header images, see here:

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