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    I really appreciate the effort that you produce new themes almost day by day. And i decided to dare to ask something. Is it possible to ask for special themes? I really like one type of theme and I would be extremely happy if I could put it on my blog, too. I would like something “torn”-like with hole on one side that can be filled with different photos on different sites. Or with photos that randomly changes. With 3 coloumns and with light backgroung.
    Something really similar to this. Is it possible to ask for something like this?

    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes it’s possible to ask Staff to consider adding specific themes.

    2. Post a suggestion for a new theme

    Please give us the theme name, a link to view the theme, and—most importantly—why you like it and would love to have it on

    Please search the forum first for a suggestion on the same theme. If it exists, add your vote to the same topic and add a note about why you like the theme.

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