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Theme suggestion - am doing it wrong?

  1. Well... what can I say, I'm terribly clueless in here.

    About a week ago, I created a new thread suggestion a new theme. A while after, I realized there were no tags, and I thought, as I am, that I probably forgot to add them. But when I tried, I got an error page with the message "Topic not found" instead. I tried to comment, same thing happened. I was really puzzled with it.
    After, when I was logged out, I noticed the thread was no longer there. However when I logged in again the thread was and is still there.

    So I presume I'm the only one able to see it... And I still don't have a clue why that happened.
    To prevent double-posting, if someone would be able to help me to understand what happened and tell me if I should post it again; I want to participate but I don't want to repeat the same mistake... :<


  2. Which is the thread in question?

  3. The post was erroneously marked as spam. Corrected.

  4. Oh, I see! Thank you so much for helping and, i say, pronto. Awesome ^_^

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