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Theme Suggestion: Hueman

  1. tomfromtechnoteamblog

    I've found a great-looking and practical theme that I think would work well with

    Here are the details:
    Theme Name: Hueman
    I would love to have it on because it's not like any of the current themes and looks great on some of my favorite self-hosted WordPress blogs. It's a responsive theme and is very good when it comes to widgets and other customization options. This must be why it's very popular with web-designers and owners.

    I hope that you read this suggestion and contact its developer to move things forward.


  2. I noticed it mentions it works for That's completely different from If that's the basis of your theory that it would work for, that's not true. Just warning you. I don't have power over that.


  3. @perseshow
    No. Tom has posted here correctly asking Staff for a theme to be adapted to run on our software. Read this

  4. I was just repeating what I've heard so often before. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  5. You have heard that often before because I have posted it for 8 years into other thread. But I have not posted that into threads like this one in the Themes Forum making a theme suggestion for future inclusion.

  6. Ok, my bad. I didn't realize this was on a different forum, sorry.

  7. Okay then because now you do know.:)

  8. Yup, lesson learned. I don't think I'm much use on this particular thread...unsubscribing.

  9. @ tomfromtechnoteamblog

    Thanks for the suggestion. The theme is good looking indeed and actually it's been brought up before. Although I can't promise anything but it's been added to our wish list.

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