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    Hey guys, I know there’s already a discussion around but I decided to make a separate thread about the theme suggestion, hope it’s ok.

    So, I was browsing around and I found this free theme, miniBlog and I was absolutely thrilled with it. Here’s the link for the demo

    Why do I like it? We’ll, I am truly impressed with its potential, it satisfies all the requirements I find important in a blog; It has a very clean look, with a beautiful and clean design and solid structure. Good font and colour palette choice. which makes it easy to read and pleasant to view.
    But, definitely, the thing I like the most about this theme is for being customizable. I believe it does make a huge difference for bloggers and I’m very glad that the Theme Team is taking it in consideration.

    Here’s the link for the blog’s features:
    And here’s the link for the theme’s customization options:

    There are also post examples in the theme’s demo page.

    Why would I love it to see it in WordPress? Well, besides all the remarkable things I stated above, I think this theme is also very functional and I believe it will please the users’ demands and mainly boost their experience with its customization and simplicity.

    I hope you liked my suggestion and found it useful. Looking forward to notices!

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