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Theme suggestion: Spun

  1. er, 1tess, isn't this supposed to be in the Themes forum? :D

    And I second the nomination made by my esteemed colleague.

  2. Yes, probably, but the thread there is so confusing—it is marked there as well. Because it is such an interesting and eye-catching theme, ummm… I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle.

    I'm wondering if we could use two "themes" forums. So here is an Idea.

    As it is, with all the new and more complicated themes there are a considerable number of questions in both the Support forum and in the themes forum about how a specific theme works. There seem to be fewer requests for specific themes than those questions. To my way of thinking there should/could be a request theme forum and a theme forum for help with how specific themes work.

  3. On one hand, there are few theme suggestions made. On the other, there are many who post day in and day out who do not read their theme descriptionss and do not search theme threads.

  4. I'd vote for a request new theme thread, rather than a separate forum altogether.

    To my way of thinking, two forums on somewhat similar topics would be asking for extra confusion and work. It's the rare bird that actually looks at what should go where (and makes me extra thankful for those that do).

  5. ~~ <waving at tt.

  6. Good day Tess and justjennifer
    I don't care one way or the other.

  7. Hi Jen and timethief,

    I'd like to see a list of possible tags on all threads for folks to choose from, sort of like the "choose from most used tags" in the post editor. There are so many tags such as "help" "blog" "problem" that they might as well be all classed as "too vague to find" so it is difficult to use the forum search function to locate any specific topic.

    We volunteers do try to add appropriate tags, but frankly I don't have so much time as to do it for threads I don't participate in. We all do the best we can to organize/tag threads, but we don't always do it the same way.

  8. i love to use the the theme spun! can it be made available at wp-com?
    out there other people who want this?

  9. yes add spun PLEASE!

  10. traceyupchurch

    I posted a request for this in the themes forum (because I forgot to check if it had been requested already, oops, sorry) -- here. Apparently there are plans to bring it to

  11. Howdy! Just a note to say, we've added Spun to Thanks again for the requests, and please enjoy!

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