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    Hello everyone!

    I wold like to see Arras theme as a part of WordPress Themes:

    There are many reasons.Some of them are that this theme is nice looking,the best for mag blogs like I wanna make but can’t because there’s no good theme for that and many other reasons….There are tons of features for this theme.So I would also like WordPress to activate many of those if this theme is here…

    Have a good day! And I have a good hope for WordPress listening my words.



    I like this theme


    this was a very nice theme :)



    Then why not keep it!Many like this theme.It has many customization options so that not every blog using it looks the same.It’s considered as one of the best free themes and best free theme for magazine style templates.

    So WordPress should keep it.Then also,it’s a very wonderful thing that WordPress is giving new functionality every week which means that in one year WordPress will be the best.Keep up the good work…. :)


    It’s an intriguing theme. I don’t know if I would use it, but it would work well for many here I think.

    Do note though that it may be that not all of the features it offers would end up here on the version at wordpress.COM. I’ve seen them strip out some really nice features from a few themes here, and never really got an answer to why. In fact, there was one theme that had one feature I loved when it was introduced, but within a day or two that feature disappeared.

    Just giving you fair warning that the version that hits here, if they adopt it, might be highly simplified.



    Anyone here have the CSS upgrade and want to help me test out a Sandbox skin that is based on the Arras theme? It’s a work in progress. Obviously it doesn’t include all the features like widget tabs in the right sidebar, multiple display options for the main posts page and the nice javascript image featured post bit you can see at the very top of the live preview page. I’ll keep working on it if people are interested.




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