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    Hi there,

    there seem to be 1000s of themes out there i just have no idea! I dont want to purchase one and it not be what i thought.

    I am wondering if this lovely community can assist me with picking a good theme.

    I was somethign “travelly” otherwise just something similar. It needs to be somethign that can have pictures and writing as my blog seems to be made up 80% of pictures!! I would like to have menus with “Parent/child”/ drop down menus so that things look a bit easier and its easier to find thing.

    Thanks in advance!


    The blog I need help with is


    I tried this for a while, it wasn’t as good as i thought but thanks for the suggestion



    The “1000s of themes out there” are for self-hosted blogs, not for blogs. On you can only use the themes you can find in Appearance > Themes.
    You can read about all the available themes and see them in action here:
    All the themes support inserting images. All themes with a top menu support dropdowns. Many of them support a header image (you can upload your own).


    Hi travelkingblog,

    As justpi says, on you are limited to the themes at

    however, if you change to a self-hosted blog, you might like:

    link to site removed

    However, if you are looking for more a personal photoblog kind of premium theme just go to the main site:

    link to site removed

    And I’m sure you’ll be able to quickly find a theme you like; however, these are paid themes and would require you switching over to paid hosting – some suggestions on the blog part of the ThemeSquirrel.



    Thanks in advance for not posting an stuff here as most who post here are new to blogging. Most have yet to master blogging and posting hire a webhost set up a install and use our theme comments simply leads to confusion.


    Thanks guys!!

    Timethief – your post confuses me (or is that the point – hha!)



    My post was directed to @themesquirrel :)

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