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theme switching: do you loose CSS changes etc when you switch back?

  1. If you switch from theme A to B, then decide to revert back to A, do you loose your CSS modifications and editing, or is it saved and available to you exactly as you left it? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. CSS is theme specific, so if you leave the CSS modifications from A in when you switch to B, then it will quite possibly severely mess up the display of B.

    It is best to copy your CSS changes out and into a plain text file and then clear everything from the CSS edit window, make sure "add to existing..." is selected and then click "save stylesheet" so that it reverts back to the original before switching themes. Then if you go back to A, you can just paste your CSS back in.

  3. Thank you!
    Please let me clarify, I'm a bit confused.

    I would like to switch to theme B now. You are suggesting that I select the "Add this to the Tarski theme's CSS stylesheet" then copy the current CSS file to a saved location for future use. Is that correct? Or do I just save it as it (the CSS has already been modified) with the "start from scratch button selected? Thanks. I want to be sure that I am saving the CSS changes I made after upgrading.

  4. When changing themes, always remove the CSS customizations before switching. If you don't, it will mess up the new theme since CSS is theme specific.

    You need to save all those changes you made to theme A into a text file. That way if you ever go back to theme A, you will have those changes that you can simply paste in to the CSS editor.

    With theme B, if you want changes in the CSS, you will have to start from scratch with theme B's CSS. Theme A's CSS will not work with Theme B.

  5. Ok, got it! Thank you!

    So I switched from Tarski to Titan, but when I try to open Titan's original CSS sheet (so that I can make some changes) I get this one page document that doesn't seem to include the full CSS sheet. I am wondering where I am going wrong here?

  6. I don't think you're doing anything wrong. The CSS that we are allowed to edit is a subset of the entire CSS. The amount varies from theme to theme. The best way to start fresh if you already have a design in mind is to use Sandbox.

  7. I see. I am learning. Thank you.

    All I want to change is font color and perhaps family. So, in order to learn the code that corresponds to the blog title or post title you would have to go through one of the CSS tutorials and try to figure it out from there?

  8. I don't know anything about actually editing CSS. I have the upgrade on one of my blogs, but Devblog did the coding and I just did what he told me to do. Afraid that's as useful as I can be.

  9. Open your main blog web page in your browser (since it's private I can't see it), view the source code. and search the souce code for ".css" without the quote marks. You might come up with two or three. You will just have to view them all and see which is the master.

  10. Actually, it is a little harder than I thought to find, so here it is.

  11. Thanks you Is the this master source code? Could I just cut and paste this into my CSS editing sheet and go from there?

  12. Thanks! I see the issue now. Are all the theme's master codes generally available? In Vostok I could click on 'see original CSS sheet' and get the full code, but Titan does not give it to me, only the mini template version.

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