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    Using theme ‘Tarski’ with NO Header Image, a newly added Page shifts the WHOLE website approx. 10px to the right ! Check it here for yourself. Watch the screen closely while alternately selecting the top menu page Misfit! and any other page eg. Home.

    Must be a small error in the theme- or template-design. Can anyone advise? Thx, Cyril.

    The blog I need help with is


    The main page has this stylesheet being applied:

    The “Misfit” page has this stylesheet being applied:

    This is something staff will have to look into. The theme team monitors this forum (although lately they don’t seem to have been around very much) so hopefully they will look into this for you.



    Oops, my mistake. It is just the scrollbar (hehe).


    Ah, good catch. I hadn’t even thought of that.



    Sometimes one gets blinded whilst digging deeper and deeper, thereby overseeing the obvious. It is called ‘tunnel vision’.
    Only the ‘misfit’-page fits completely on the screen, so there is no vertical scrollbar. This makes for the apparent ‘shift’. Problem solved.
    @thesacredpath thanks anyway!

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