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    I have found that some themes offer a template with no sidebar, which is very useful for some of my pages as they have pedigrees in them which can be rather wide.

    However not all themes have this template (INove does which is what I am using), and it would be great if more of them did.

    It would also be great if it was possible to find the themes with this feature, but I can’t see a way of doing that at present.



    For wide themes which is also my need you can check the following:

    With sidebars :
    The Journalist v1.3
    The Journalist v1.9
    Sandbox themes
    Silver is the New Black
    WordPress Classic

    Without Sidebars



    Thanks. Now if only each theme had this sort of information up-front rather than my having to collate the information from lots of useful pages to find the theme that has the features I need – or the ones I *thing* I need!

    While I’m here… Is there another useful page which shows which of the standard themes for the free blogs at have a contact page template, or is there a way of adding a contact form to any page for these blogs I don’t know about?



    Simple really, isn’t it? So blindingly simple I didn’t see how to do it.




    Since this is a template suggestion thread I’d like to add my wish list. (Of course any changes/extras would need to be designed around those who are NOT tech savvy.)

    There is sometimes a need to add extra emphasis on certain posts on a blog and we don’t necessarily want to use the bold or italic feature. So, could we have a theme that offers the choice of 2 or 3 different fonts (with color changes), for those of us who ARE NOT tech savvy?? Of course the fonts would need to change between posts and possibly even between sentences, if possible.

    Also, could we have a couple of really girly girl themes for those who have fashion, makeup, or other blogs specific to females? Needed would be sidebar placement choices, background choices, header choices, FONT changes, and more.

    Most importantly, I think WordPress is doing a GREAT job of offering all of us a place to have our say on an unbelievably wide range of subjects. Keep up the great work guys and many thanks!!!



    @flosplace, I’m new here, but in the other forums I frequent you will usually do better by starting your own thread – or threads, as you have more than one suggestion. It might be the same here.



    Hello there. Would you like to post your theme related feature requests to the Themes Forum please. That’s where the Theme Team will be looking for suggestions and posting it here will not be likely to draw their attention. Here’s the link

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