Theme that allows author pictures on posts?

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    I am part of a multi-user blog, and we would like to use a theme that allows for each post to have a picture of its author at the beginning, or a by-line of some kind. Is there a theme that allows for this?



    Choco, Duster, Elegant Grunge, Enterprise, Liquorice, Mystique, The Morning After, Twenty Ten, Vertigo and Vostok display the author’s profile and gravatar when viewing a single post at the end of the post.



    Some themes display Author’s names on posts and others don’t. Some themes display full articles on Categories and Archives pages and some don’t. For more on multi-author blogs

    Please always provide an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question when you post to this forum.


    P2 is another one. It adds an avatar right at the top of the post.



    Thanks for posting P2. I will endeavor to remember it. :)


    Avatar and profile also displayed in Chateau, Matala, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Selecta, Skeptical and Twenty Eleven.

    Note that the gravatar will only show if you have entered some info in the “About you” field of your profile.



    Is there any way to have the pictures show up when viewing the blog from its home page as opposed to a single post? The only way I have found to do this was to format every post as a status post, which I’m not sure is the best idea. (our current theme is still the old one)



    Hi iuspea,

    It looks like P2 is your best choice. It was designed specifically for multi-user blogs, and it displays user avatars at the top of each user’s posts, on both the front page and on single posts.

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