Theme Twenty Eleven. How to eliminate grey square besides links

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    How can I eliminate the little grey square that appeares besides each link I add in my widgets bar? thanks everyone

    The blog I need help with is


    Quick note: when you created this help request, you selected as the blog you need help with but it looks like you deleted that one and you are working on now. I would recommend going to Users → Personal Settings in your blog dashboard and updating the Website field near the bottom of that page.

    You’ve used the links widget to add images and links to your sidebar, and those are shown as a bulleted list by default. To remove the list bullets, add the following example to the bottom of your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor:

    .blogroll li {
    	list-style-type: none;

    Hi! many thens for your answer, I will make the change you suggest.
    Besides that, I can´t find the line with the instruction you mention, can it be with another text? or do you know the line number where I can find it?
    Many thanks in advance!



    You’re not supposed to find any line. You’ve made the mistake of copypasting the entire stylesheet of the theme into the CSS editor. This means browsers read all the original stylesheet then all your (slightly modified) duplicate of it: an awful lot of redundancies, that is, plus potential conflicts. You should remove everything and add only the specific changes you make (such as the one suggested by designsimply).



    Yes, justpi is correct – you should only add changes to the CSS in the CSS Stylesheet Editor, not the entire stylesheet.

    Let us know if we can help with anything else!

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