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Theme twenty-eleven offers flexible-width...?

  1. Hi there,
    I have started to build a website based on the WordPress free downloadable template, because I like the ease-of-use as offered on my blogs on to change my blog features and appearance. I have installed WordPress without much problem on my host and opened my wp-admin to get going. To my dismay I find, that a lot of features and options presented on my site are not present on my new site.
    So now I am using Dreamweaver to try and build my site based on the WordPress template. I am just starting to use Dreamweaver, I am knowledgable in html, CSS and such, but it is slow going. I have two immediate questions:

    1 - I use the twenty-eleven template because it seems to offer a flexible-width text-column. When I try this on my site I can not find out how to change the width of the main column. The theme-option does not offer this, or am I missing something? What do they mean with a flexible-width column? If it really means you can change the width of said column, how to do that?

    2 - Related to previous question: I can find the width in the CSS-file and change it here, but I wonder if there is an easier way to do this than changing the HTML-code? Is there some tutorial about the main differences between creating/managing a blog site and creating your own hosted site based on the WordPress template? I don't mean the sources mentioned in the readme.html which comes with the WordPress Template; somehow I have the impression I won't find what I am looking for (easily) in the sources mentioned there.

    TIA, any help appreciated

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What I forgot to asked also (3rd question...): how can I turn off the ability to comment on certain pages? This is one of the handy features on the site, which seems to be missing from a privately hosted site.
    I can probably find out myself, but as mentioned: any help is appreciated.

  3. hello Freehansje. Yes, twenty-eleven is a very popular theme. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust width/height of columns.

    You can change width of an image using the HTML code. Changing the width of the column might possible via CSS, but not HTML.

    The comment turn of check-button is located right underneath the post space. It asks you if you want comments on your post - simply uncheck it.

  4. Tnx for answering. Possibly I was not clear enough: my questions are about a WordPress-based site NOT on, hosted elsewhere.
    I have found out I can comment out the appropriate codeline in page.php.

    Tnx again for answering.


  5. I recommend you to post this question on -> it is the right website of wordpress based questions.

    The staff will respond very quickly to all your questions above

  6. Ah, my bad, tnx for the heads-up!
    I'll close this question, for my initial questions are answered. I will turn to that site for follow-ups.

    Tnx again.


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