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  1. Hi, I have registered this blog and transported all my contents from I have set both of them up by deleting whatever I had to.
    Very strangely enough, the widget boxes keeps hyperlinking to the primary blog even when I have not created more than 1 link for my primary site. What I mean is this- if you go to, and click the images- "Hello" and that "flower bunch", the "house" picture or even "My Diary- May 2010", it keeps linking to the primary blog. I would have never noticed it until yesterday when I was trying to insert text in text box after Hello pic (in the same text box..) no matter what I wrote, it had a hyperlink on its own.. Please help..

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh well.. if this hyper-connectivity at the new blog was not all, the same is happening to my primary blog as well. Both the blog IDs have hyper- linked themselves. All the widgets have been set up independently (thats needless to say)... The scene now is - both Diaries link to each other and some graphics as well have joined in. My most viewed Writes in readolivia connects to!!

  3. Do I understand that its happening because of both the blogs are inter- related?? But then what does the TEXT widget got to do- I have tried all permutation and combination- both of them keeps linking the other site, no matter what. I first created thar Dear Reader intro at right side at first, then deleted, created one in and have now created in both- the situation remains the same.. The diary pages links open to both the blogs datewise.. as if its searching either- or..
    Just tried to be descriptive-- by adding all the details

  4. I feel maybe thats because both the blogs are linked; however, why few of the pics are hyperlinking and rest not?? And whats with the text widget hyperlink..? and certainly why glittergraphics is connecting when it sits in a different widget box..??

  5. I may have wrongly added under themes but really could not figure out otherwise- apologies if that is so. Also, the text widget beautifully adds paras in 2010 but not in spring- loaded, I had to use dots to separate the text.

  6. Alright, I tried yet another combination by placing the "Hello" up at the widget side on top and the hyperlink disappeared in 2010 ( Do I conclude that maybe the hyperlink is spilling from Top to the lower boxes or images till some other link is breaking it??
    But thats how it should not be- I feel so atleast.. all the widgets and boxes, text and images should be "link"- free of the other one (from the top in this case)
    I am leaving both the combinations for anyone to see and understand.
    The last two images (chair- bird and rain- chairs) could not pick any link because they must have felt confused which one to pick..!!

  7. I have created the same demo in with Calender- notice the difference.. I have named it "My Diary- Demo- without hyperlink".. so its really the spillover from top.. any resolution or avoiding the clash please..??

  8. When Volunteers do not answer it's because they do not know the answer. Please contact Staff

  9. thank you..

  10. I would post the reply as soon as I get one and then mark it as resolved- is not this how it works??

  11. Correct

  12. Best wishes for a quick fix, Olivia :)

  13. Need loads of them..

  14. While support team is taking its time to look for a resolution, I feel the best way is- not to create any hyperlink arrangement at right side widget for now.. the same could be done at the intro page (at my Readers Guide Page).. However, any cartoons or post it-s with hyperlink would still spillover to the next box- I strongly believe this should be checked soon for good. I still prefer doing it in the widget so it looks like sticky post and remains confined at a corner that was pretty visible..
    The drawback of such a spillover- the readers would never know where they reached when they clicked something..
    The demo still sits on both my Blogs for anyone to check what I have mentioned here..

  15. Here what had happened- There was a missing "" tag in the text widget needed to close the link so the link was continuing to the next widget. The support team added the tag and it has been fixed. I have done it in other boxes too..
    God bless Support team
    They work so hard to make us write with a "smile"
    Thank you..

  16. RESOLVED.. cant find the thread

  17. the tag was an "a" tag.. anyone wanting the tag, please write to me.. the tag has disappeared while posting it here and thats how it works..

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