Theme updates?

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    Was only able to find one forum post about this that occured almost 2 years ago! So it kinda didn’t answer my question. Anyway:

    Do themes ever get updated?

    Example: do more options get added for you play around with like the width of the header is increased or the font for the entire theme changes or anything else drastic like that? Addition of RSS’s options at the bottom of posts, different size for the comment box?

    Or are themes that are added on wordpress there to stay exactly as they are? I know your blog can be modified and such with the CSS upgrade but I was curious if behind-the-scenes stuff happened on themes?

    Oh and just out of curiosity, how often do themes get added on to wordpress? Ever few months? In batches? Once in a while??

    Thanks all!



    Um…. Bump :D :(


    WordPress does not modify or change existing themes. They stand as the author designed them.



    Cool cool, thanks for the info TSP :). Curiosity fulfilled!

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