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Theme Upload - WLW - I'm stumped

  1. I use WLW. A while ago, I updated my theme and ever since I have done that, WLW won't detect it to download. I can still use WLW to blog but the theme won't download. I have another blog and it is downloaded. I also recently set up a 'test" blog for myself that is private and that theme downloaded just fine.

    I tried again today and it won't work. I cleared my cache, rebotted and nothing. I use the Vigilance on my main blog so I'm not sure if that's the problem. I checked with the WLW help pages and all they have to say is that if a theme won't download, it has to do with the blogging server -- that it's being blocked somehow.

    Anyone have any idea why I can't get the theme to download to WLW?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It would help us to help you if you gave us the URLs you're talking about.

  3. Anyone? Any ideas? I even deleted my blog out of WLW and reloaded it. It's just not uploading the them but it does on my other blog, my test blog which is set to private.

  4. Hi, thought I would give this post one more shot to see if anyone has any idea what the problem may be. If no answer, I'll probably contact support because the problem seems to be with WLW being able to download my theme. It downloaded my other blog but not my main one. Hopefully someone here my have an idea that I have not yet tried.

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