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    Hello all.

    I’m considering changing my theme because I want to post larger photos. I have seen it with a few other blogs on wordpress where people do have larger photos and my blog is news but also very image/photo based.

    Does anyone know of a theme that allows you to post larger photos? Also what I lose my widgets i.e. the toolbar on the right if this is the case?

    Thankyou and I look forward to your replies.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is not a support issue.
    BTW if you find a theme on someone else blog and you want to have it on your blog, just go to the bottom to see the theme and click the theme to have it on your blog. However I’m suggesting you Chateau


    @theboleyninheritance, Panos has listed the image widths for all themes here at in a post which should give you some good leads on wide themes.

    @hnsaifi, they are asking about finding a theme here that has a wide content area. To me, that is very much a support issue. And by the way, Chateau is one of the narrower themes here at only 529px. There are free themes here with 800 to 1000px of width for images.


    Thanks for the speedy replies. I’m going to check them out.


    You are welcome.


    This is solved thanks.


    Or should I say resolved. lol

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