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    I’m looking for free themes that create excerpts with thumbnails on the main blog page, but that don’t reformat my image. Many themes that do this make the images a square or something else and I’d like to have my whole image show. Triton Lite does it but I don’t like it for other reasons.

    Any Advice, Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



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    I am a wordpress.”com” blog, despite what the bot says, not an “org.”



    Try Grisaille, Inuit Types, Sight … I can’t think of any others right now .



    I’m sorry but Themes Staff will have to answer this question as there is no tag or list we Volunteers can refer to. That’s probably because “the more tag” can be used in any theme.


    Thanks, timethief! I was using Sight for awhile, but I did not like how it made all my images squares…. I have used the more tag and it seems with a bit of work I can use the excerpt function to do what I want, but I’m trying to save myself work. I’ll go look at those other two themes you mentioned
    I’d love to here from theme staff to simplify my search…


    I guess the important thing I’m looking for are themes that do not re-format the shape of the thumbnail. I. E. if it is 200 x 356 pixels it keeps that proportion. If it’s 120 x 289 pixels it keeps that proportion.



    Are you aware of the settings here?
    Dashboard > Settings > Media
    Thumbnail size


    I saw those , but they don’t seem to affect the proportions. Sight for instance makes everything a square, No matter what proportion the original image is. And it says the “body of the post” which I think means what you see on the posts own page? I don’t think I have control over those settings unless I go into that scary world:)




    This is a list of active themes on that use the excerpt instead of full post content. Fair warning, any of these could change in the future — we’ve moved strictly to displaying full content and requiring users use the “More” tag to truncate content.

    Obsolete list removed – Jan. 23, 2017

    This showcase filter lists all themes that display excerpts by default:

    Most newer themes also have the Content Options panel in the Customizer, which allows you to choose between displaying the full post or an excerpt.


    Thanks, Sixhours. Got it.



    Bookmarked! Blowing *kisses* to you. :)


    To answer my original question I found two free themes that post thumbnails in an excerpt that don’t reformat that thumbnail image to a pre-determined shape. Another words they post the full image, but thumbnail size.

    That was “Triton Lite” and “Imbalance”. I didn’t examine every one of these themes , but for instance, 2012 doesn’t seem to make excerpts at all automatically? I was not able to produce excerpts with any settings. Probably I am missing something, but I don’t know what it is.



    Hi, I was wondering why are you moving away from excerpts? It looks so much tidier than a text truncated by “more” tag.

    As a fan of tidy excerpt themes you have got me really worried here. Is there any hope you could go in the opposite direction and actually add the excerpt option to more themes?

    Thank you!



    Chicagopainter – have you tried origin? I am currently using this one and it seems that it does not change the proportions of thumbnail images (it seems as I like keeping them the same, so haven’t tried having it different :))


    Thanks Bezego,
    I basically just gave up and now use “sight” again which usually lops the side off my thumbnail images.

    Your right, “origin” works well with the automatic excerpts and not reformatting the thumbnails. I personally don’t like the big header that origin puts in the middle, but otherwise it’s perfect. When I get time I will see how it looks if I upload my own header and hide the automatic one.

    I’m still trying to find out how “2012” supposedly has excerpts as I use that theme for another blog which I try to use together with my original site…?

    So three themes with automatic excerpts that don’t reformat the thumbnails:
    “Triton Lite”




    hahaha I had the same question concerning 2012 :) and even tried it on after reading it has the excerpts. Still no luck – I have no idea where these excerpts are.

    I do not know whether you have an upgrade but I have managed to reduce the size of the header with some simple css coding. Have a look at my side (it is not follower fishing as my blog is not in English:)) and if you like the look of the header and have access to css I will send you the fragment of code I used to change it.

    good luck with theme hunting!

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