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    One important element of our website is a list of the organisations who are members of our Cultural Quarter.

    There are too many to list them in the sidebar, so we want to show the Blogroll / Links list on a page.

    Having read lots of forum posts, it seems that we need to use a theme with a Blogroll / Links page option, as there isn’t any other way to show our links on a page.

    Therefore, my question is, can people recommend themes that include this Blogroll / Links page option?


    The blog I need help with is



    See this post of mine:
    But naturally you can use any theme and create the list manually.



    Thank you justpi, that’s really useful. A few of the themes are now defunct and one or two are really horrible, so think we’ll have to think again about the links list.

    Great shame that WordPress don’t give you another way to show the blogroll/links in a page as it’s an integral part of WordPress.



    Hi earthlyideas,

    I’ve brought the idea of having more themes with a links page template up to our team for future consideration.



    Hi Michiecat

    That would be excellent, as it could be a brilliantly useful part of WordPress, but currently it’s very difficult to access. We are using iTheme2 which is lovely, but sadly has no way of using the links/blogroll except in the sidebar that wouldn’t work for us.



    Since you’re not going to display the links in the sidebar, why do you care about the Links template? The amount of work you need to create the links via Links > Add New is more than the amount of work you need to create the same set of links in a regular static page.



    Hi justpi

    Understand what you are saying, but a) many links will be in multiple categories and b) many of the team aren’t techy so filling out a form on the website is much simpler than editing the page each time.

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