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    hi…. I looked through the available themes on my dashboard and noticed there was no theme (or even nice enough theme) that shows all (or at least last 7 post) excepts on the home page instead of the whole post. some posts are really long and therefore there is a lot of scrolln (which cn be u knw a lil annoyn sometimes)…. It would be great to have some themes are support excerpts on the home page….

    The blog I need help with is



    Th ability to create excerpts is not theme dependent on blogs You can choose to use “the more tag” to split content and display only excerpts on your front page. This has to be done on a post by post basis. There is no automatic way to set excerpts up for every post. What’s important to remember is not to insert “the more tag” within a section of text in blockquotes. There are also other ways to split content in long posts as well.
    See >



    Setting that aside, are you also aware that you can select how many post to display on your front page? That can be done here >
    Dashboard > Settings > Reading
    Look for:
    Blog pages show at most ___ posts
    Insert the number and scroll down to click “Save Changes”.


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    These themes are capable of showing excerpts on you front/home/blog page:
    Flower Power
    Supposedly Clean
    Sweet Blossoms
    There are other themes which will show custom excerpts on category and archive pages too (but not front pages).


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    custom excerpts are one of my favorite features, but the themes which show them have problems that I don’t want to work with. so I’ve settled for themes which show them only in category and archive pages.

    Excerpts are different from splitting posts with the “more” tag or “pages” in that they can be custom-written blurbs to introduce each post and not just an opening paragraph. They can have formatting (a background color or image, border, a picture, etc.) They no longer support embedded videos and I think no shortcodes.


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    mis-spoke: “pages” should be the “next page” tag…

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