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Theme/CSS Problems

  1. Hi
    I was using the Freshy theme and was going to change the header through the css (I already had it uploaded hq on image shack) so I bought the upgrade and changed the link in the css just to the new header. I must have done something wrong cos it's gone really weird, I've tried selecting different themes but none of them work :S

  2. please give us a link to your blog so we can see the results

  3. Sorry, it's

  4. what's the URL for your new header image?

  5. I'm assuming you haven't made any other desired changes to your CSS, since that's implied from your original post. If you have other changes, you will need to add them back in again after you do the following.

    First, restore your original CSS:
    1. Copy all the CSS from the CSS editor and paste it into a text file on your computer (so you can use it later if you want).
    2. Delete all the CSS out of the CSS editor.
    3. Select "Add to existing stylesheet" and click "Save Changes".

    Now, to change the header, all you have to do is enter the following in the CSS editor:

    #title_image {

    Select "Add to existing stylesheet" and click "Save Changes".

  6. It works! Thankyou so much :)

  7. you're welcome ;-)

    Here are a couple of tools i use all the time for CSS:
    Firebug for Firefox
    Aardvark for Firefox

    Also, here's a great resource for learning about CSS:
    W3C CSS2 Reference

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