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    I have an animal blog and I have had comments that the blog is good but the theme is not
    I dont think I can upload any other themes than what is available, the present themes
    do not help those who have speciality blogs, does anyone else have an opinion or is it
    just me?



    What about using one of the more generic themes that has the ability to upload a custom header. Or you can take the time to learn CSS and either modify an existing theme or start almost from scratch using the Sandbox. Or you can move to your own hosting.



    If I move to my own hosting, does the blog stay on wordpress?



    Unless you delete the content of your blog, it will stay here on wordpress. If you move to your own host, the URL (web address) will change, since it will no longer be at

    Was that what you meant? It’s fairly simple to export what you have written here to a new site. (in theory, anyway :)

    Why not try using one of the themes with a custom header–katm had a good suggestion. That’s certainly a simple way to make a change, without taking too much time and effort.



    thank you for your time, I am over 65yrs old and I am trying to teach myself
    to do these things, but it is hard to teach an “old dog” new tricks!!
    So I rely on people like yourselves to help me out.



    Your new posts will not be on, if you move your blog. Just your old ones.

    Probably your best bet, for simplicity’s sake and for ease of use, is to pick a generic theme and do a nice custom header, as membracid suggests. You can even just upload a nice picture and use that; no graphics skills required! You might like Ocean Mist.



    And good for you for learning new tricks! :)



    Thanks guys, for all your help, much appreciated.



    Charade, before you move your blog; sign up for a domain, and have it point to WP. Buy the domain package here ($10) so search engines see the domain and not WP (take a look here — I am hosted on WP but have my own domain) . You should stay in place at least 3 months.

    Leave the blog in place until you get the theme you want and have practiced moving the blog [get a plan that allows you to have addon domains, so you can practice on a second domain; or find someone who will let you practice on a domain they own, and are not using]. If you don’t want to do it yourself find a local WP person — make sure they understand how to install themes/plug-ins/etc…, and setup domains on a host.

    Once you have done it 3 or 4 times you can pretty much do it without thinking and know how to handle mistakes.

    Plan your move. Do it on a weekend, as you will lose a day of traffic. Check your site on Google’s Webmaster tools to get an idea of when the spider hits, that way you can time the move till after it runs but have time to move the DNS pointers before it comes back again.

    Now you may be wondering why you would just not pick up and move it now. Simple, it’s not a simple process, and things always go wrong when learning something new or a new system. This way you have at least 3 months to get ready. Seems like a long time, but it’s time well spent.

    If you need help, shoot me a message on my blog/about page.



    Here’s an example of what another blogger has done to personalize her blog

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