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    I have just uploaded a theme (tiksi) and it got rid the of the categories section on the sidebar. Is this a function of the theme? how can i get them showing again?

    I’m sorry if this is a common question, i am very new.


    You need to go into Presentation–>Widgets and then you should be able to add a categories widget.


    Since you are self-hosted, you need to inquire over at for problems since the software, and options we have here are different and far more restrictive. We could end up giving you the wrong answer since your software works differently.



    Thank you for answering my question.

    I have added categories into my widgets and had a read of the link you supplied me. Still, everything seems to be ok from the ‘behind the scenes side’ (as i said, I have added everything i want to appear), but it just isn’t showing up on the blog.

    This is very frustrating, as its my first time with a blog and the simplest things are making obstacles.



    Maybe look at your sidebar file on the other theme versus the new in an html editor
    to see what is different?



    As tsp said, you need to head over to the proper forum. We use different software here. We cannot upload themes.

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