Themes Are Too Limiting… Why Can’t We Buy 3rd Party Themes??

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    Hi, I don’t want the headaches of a blog, and so I like for it’s convenience, but I have not found a single theme I like on They are either too narrow, dark, light, too restricted in their adaptability or too downright ugly. The only themes I like are ones I have found on 3rd party websites but they are all themes for and cannot be used in

    So why not give us users the option to buy 3rd party themes for so we can have a nice looking site?


    Our themes all receive a thorough inspection before they’re launched hereā€”but we love launching more! Let us know some of the ones you’ve been looking at and we’ll see if we can put them on our list.



    I agree with lornemclean, the themes currently provided on are really limited and, yes, boring, I’m sure many people wouldn’t mind paying for a nice theme. WordPress can make some money and keep your bloggers happy, surely. It’s really hard to give you names of themes that we see here and there. The bottom line is we’d all love more options even if we have to pay for it.


    As themeshaper says, themes here have to be inspected and modified before they can be used here. Things have to be added because there are features built in here that are not on the self-hosted version of wordpress. In other words, some stuff that is here would not work.

    Suggest some themes you would like to see here and tell them why you would like to see them added. What do you like about that theme?

    Also on payed themes, the theme designer would have to agree to allow wordpress.COM to use it for free under GPL licensing.



    Hi, I understand the reasons; I’m just wondering if there is anything they can do to overcome those and just maybe introduce new themes more regularly


    They’ve been introducing one or sometimes two themes per month. There is a limited staff that has to go through any potential new themes, and do whatever modification are required, then they have to test them in all browsers and all versions and if they find any bugs, then they have to go through and fix those bugs and then do another round of testing.

    A year ago we had 75 themes here, now we have over 100. That is pretty good for a year considering what has to be done with each theme before it can be released here.



    Sure. And I do appreciate that it’s all free and wordpress doesn’t have a staff of thousands to do this. Just wishing, that’s all…


    Make some suggestions in the themes forum and tell them what you like about them. Last I saw, there were maybe 5 more they appear to be working on.

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