Themes dont appear on all pages, can’t see all pages

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    I’ve just created a new blog and I’ve tried changing the theme. The new them appeared on the About page but not on the Home page. Then I added another page and tried to change the them again, and I now have three themes on three differnt pages. (yes, i’ve refreshed, I’ve closed the browser and opened it, I’ve even tried with firefox instead of explorer, but no change). The other thing is that my Home page doesn’t display the dashboard and it only provides a link to the About page. When I go to the about page I can only see a link to the Home page and not to the other pages I created. To see the other pages I have to go into the dashboard and find them in the Pages section and go there. So it’s like I’ve got two blogs in one. Please help.



    Be more specific.

    I see the Connections theme in all pages. What am I supposed to see?


    I asked a friend to help me from another computer and she could change the themes and everything was perfect from her side, it’s just that I cant see the changes on my computer. I try refreshing, I try closing all browsers and re-entering the site, but nothing. If you’re seeing everything OK, then the problem is something to do with my computer. The opening page is still that default blue theme and I only have a link to the About page. I can’t actually change anything on that home page, it seems – when I add a post it always goes to some other page. Any ideas what to try next?



    What’s probably happening is that your browser is simply checking cached versions, rather than refreshing the view each time. You could try forcing the view by deleting the browser cache and doing a forced reload.


    I think that did the trick. I deleted the cache and at first it was still the old setup, then I went to another computer I have and looked at it there and it was all OK, and when I came back to this computer it was MOSTLY ok. My problem now is that I can’t access the dashboard. I can from the other computer but not this one. Do you know why this might be? I can get to the dashboard by logging in at, but after that, once I go into the site, no dashboard tabs.



    Probably another caching issue. Try accessing the dashboard via http://YOUR


    nope, it looks like a browser thing – I cant see it in Internet Explorer but I can see it perfectly in Firefox. Reckon I’ll just work in firefox then. But yay!! At last I can work on my blog! Thanks for all your help.

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